Buy Leech works with distributors on contract based supplies which covers clients with regular orders.

Buy Leech exports hirudo verbana leeches to leech suppliers with globally acknowledged CITES and health certificates.

Buy Leech provides hirudo verbana leeches to medium to large sized therapists. Small orders are placed to our distributors.

Buy Leech works with partners globally on annual term contracts. Contracts are based on season and country.


Hirudo Verbana
leech supplier

Buy Leech mainly focuses on hirudo verbana leeches as it is proven to be the most effective breed among leeches. Buy Leech exports leeches to all around the world with globally acknowledged CITES and health certificates.


Buy Leech operates both sales and breeding of hirudo verbana leeches. We provide wild caught and farm raised leeches depending on season.


Let's grow

We invite global suppliers, distributors, hospitals, clinics and therapists for cooperation with Buy Leech. Fill up the form to be one of our distributors.