How do we supply leeches?

We supply both wild-caught and farm bred leeches depending on season. Leeches cultivate twice a year as commonly known. Leeches prefer to stay underneath the terrain during cold weather conditions. Therefore it is very hard to fetch them during winter season. Leeches are classified as endangered animals. It is very important to respect the periods of their cultivation and avoid fetching any.

Leeches are mostly fed with frogs and fishes. Which makes it difficult to grow in farms and produce same amount of enzymes as the wild-caught ones contain.

Most farms can cultivate leeches in farms and laboratories, however it is a struggle to raise them. And newborns are not very useful for consumption.

We classify leeches in 4 different sizes. Baby leeches, small size leeches, medium size leeches and jumbo size leeches.

Baby leeches are used on very sensitive spots as small sizes. Medium size leeches are most common and preferred size as it has wide-range of use areas.

Jumbo size leeches are not preferred for human consumption and mostly being used for cultivation.

Important Notice: We only ship unfed and sterilized leeches. All leeches are sterilized and quarantined for at least 3 months to make sure they are fully detoxicated and sterile.