How do we export leeches?

We export hirudo verbana leeches to all around the world.

There are key factors to maintain a convenient process. Packing, documents, licensing and import process.

We mainly have 3 types of client. They are leech suppliers, contracted clients and leech therapists.

Packing Leeches:

Packaging takes a very important place in terms of health of leeches and legal procedures. We pack leeches in a way they can breathe, move and stay healthy for up to 10 days on the way. As Buy Leech, we also pack them according to IATA66 regulations which is a mandatory regulation for live animals.

Certificates and documents:

We export leeches with CITES and health certificates. CITES is a certificate which is acknowledged globally and required for export and import of endangered animals.

Health certificate on the other hand is issued by veterinaries. Leeches are well examined by vets and certification is issued accordingly.


Leeches should be shipped via air cargo and conditions must be met. Preferably between +2 to +8 celcius temperature and within live animal compartments.


We recommend all our clients to consult brokers to have flawless import process. CITES and health certificates will be required along with your import license. You must meet all requirements by your customs and should be led by your broker.